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Our services
TrueStar Group offers a complete synergic system of passenger services, including:

Heavy-duty protective wrapping for all types of luggage.
Personalized telephone customer care services.
Fines in the case of Event of Non-fulfilment (for services purchased departing from Italian airports).

Heavy-duty protective wrapping for all types of luggage
This quick and easy service enables passengers to get their luggage wrapped in less than 30 seconds. A special machine wraps each individual item of luggage in a plastic resin protective film - TrueStar SecureBag Film - that is fully recyclable and non-toxic. The film, which can be stretched by as much as 200%, adheres perfectly to different shapes and surfaces. Thanks to its high resistance, adaptability to extreme temperature changes and multiple wrapping layers, it protects luggage from humidity, rain, marks and accidental opening. When the wrapping process is complete, an adhesive tag - TrueStar SecureBag Label - is attached to the item of luggage. This label displays an alphanumeric identification code that, together with the distinctive green film, enables the item to be identified quickly if it is lost.

The luggage wrapping service is available at TrueStar Points. These points of sale, managed by one or more staff members, have an innovative, eye-catching and distinctive design. The TrueStar Points contain high-tech wrapping machines with management software developed internally at TrueStar - SecureBag Control System - that uses the Internet to connect all the TrueStar Points located throughout various airports across the world.
Personalized telephone customer care service
The personalized telephone customer care support aims to provide a high value-added passenger service in the event that your luggage is lost or you have any other complaint.
TrueStar Group’s customer care team works proactively with the airlines, lost and found services and insurance companies to deal with any claim.

Customer Care is available in four languages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can reach our operators by phone (Call Center), e-mail ( and the Internet (Chat Center e Web Call)
Fines in the case of Event of non-fulfilment

TrueStar offers an additional service in the case of Event of Non-fulfilment (see Conditions of Service). When your Baggage is being wrapped, you are given a receipt that entitles you to make the fine claim.

Conditions of service
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