Comprehensive solutions for air passengers

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Company Policy

TrueStar Group is committed to fully satisfy customers’ needs, to respect community in which operates and to involve all employees in continuous improvement targets.

TrueStar Group strives for creating value and excellence for airport services to passengers. These services shall simplify passengers’ mobility by offering protection, security and quality. The proposed solutions shall be complementary and synergical, aiming at highest quality standards; they shall be performed by a technological smooth and dynamic  platform.


TrueStar Group is committed to extend its own presence among different countries around the world pursuing reciprocal-benefit relationship with the community in which it operates. For this purpose TrueStar Group acts in a socially and environmentally responsible  manner and is an attentive and thoughtful neighbour in local and global communities.

TrueStar Group is committed to pursue within the organization initiatives and behaviours supporting all employees. Thorough specific  commercial and managerial training sessions, TrueStar Group aims at maximizing the value of client’s loyalty.  For this purpose TrueStar Group continuously acts for creating a place to learn, innovate and evolve in the full respect of sensitive information privacy.

TrueStar Group is committed to:
respect all environmental and safety requirements;
Prevent pollution and safety risks;
pursue continuous improvement through best available technologies.
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